Super Precision Barrels




DLD™ Proprietary Super Precision Barrel: Krieger Barrel Blank


Calibers Offered: 7.62x51, 5.56x45, .223Wylde, .300BLK, 6.5Creedmor, .260Remington, .300WM


Krieger Barrels are the World’s Finest Made Single Point Cut Rifled Barrels Period!

The Smallest 5 Shot Group Ever Fired in Benchrest Competition was recorded in 2013 using a Krieger Barrel. The 5 Shot Group Measured in at .0077” from 100 yards!!


Our Proprietary Barrel features DLD’s Shop Designed Contour, Length, Gas Port Diameter, Gas Port Location, Length of Muzzle and Overall Barrel Length in relation to the caliber chosen. Our Match Grade Bolts are Precision Machined to ensure proper Headspacing. Each of our Super Precision Barrels are Serialized and SBN Treated for Extra Durability. Our Krieger Rifle Barrels have average SUB .50”(1/2MOA) Groups featured exclusively in our Gas Operated Semi-Auto Sniper Rifles.






DLD™ Proprietary Super Precision Barrel: Shilen Blank


Calibers Offered: .223Wylde, .300BLK, 7.62x51, .204Ruger, 6.5Creedmor, .300WM

Contours Offered: Sporter, Magnum Sporter, Varmint, Bull, Heavy Palma


Shilen Barrels are some of the World’s Finest Barrels ever made. For those that are not quite ready to step up to the Krieger, Shilen makes phenomenal barrel blanks which we guarantee SUB MOA Groups with Match Grade Ammo. Just like with our Krieger Barrels, each Bolt is precision machined ensuring proper Headspace, Gas Block Shanks are precision machined to +/- .001” to prevent movement and disrupt the cyclic rate. Shilen Rifle Blanks come either with 4Ratchet or 6 Groove Rifling. Our Shilen Rifle Barrels have averaged .50”-.75” Groups featured exclusively in our Gas Operated Semi-Auto Combat and Sniper Rifles.




DLD™ Entry Level Barrel: Precision Machined from 4140 & 4150 Steel and Stainless Barstock Steel


Calibers Offered: 5.56, .300BLK, 7.62x39

Barrel Lengths Offered: 7.5” – 18”

Contours: Heavy, M4, SOCOM(Machine Gun)


There is NOTHING ENTRY LEVEL about our “Entry Level Barrel”. While it may not be considered Match Grade, these barrels have been tested and certified to shoot to ¾”MOA(.75”) at 100 yards with LE/MIL quality ammunition. Match Grade ammo is not necessary although certainly wouldn’t hurt. These barrels are button rifled, stress relieved and SaltBathNitride(SBN) Treated to prevent wear and tear and add significant round count reliability to the life of the barrel. All of these barrels feature M4 feed ramps with an AR15 extension, threaded ½-28tpi(5.56) and 5/8-24tpi(30Cal), .750 Gas Block Diameter, Carbine Length Gas System, and a .073” Gas Port Diameter(5.56) .093” Gas Port Diameter(30Cal). We offer 1:7, 1:8, 1:9 Twists for 5.56, and a 1:10 Twist for the 7.62x39 barrel.