As part of our ever continuing search to offer the absolute best Customer Service in the Industry we have joined with Silencer Shop, By doing this we have become a “POWERED BY SILENCER SHOP” Master Dealer. Our Contract with Silencer Shop is to service and provide any customer who purchases any Class 3 Item from Silencer Shop in our area. There are NO ADDED FEES, NO HIDDED COSTS, and ABSOLUTELY NO TRANSFER FEES! Simply by choosing Delta Level Defense™ as your Powered by Silencer Shop Dealer we promise a painless and easy process during the ATF wait. Should something come up the Staff at DLD™ and Silencer Shop will handle it immediately and effectively. Once your Tax Stamp arrives at our Shop, we will contact you for some basic paperwork, NO TRANSFER FEES, and you’re on your way with a brand new Silencer. IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE!!




As a result of some of our US Military Contracts we have a Direct Business Relationship with Gemtech. Gemtech is one of the Industry’s Longest Standing Silencer Manufacturing Companies. They opened their doors in 1976 and haven’t looked back since. Gemtech Silencers are tested to US SOCOM Standards, Offer Industry Leading Decibel Reduction, and their new G-Core Line is completely User Serviceable!


Gemtech offers both Direct Thread and Quick Mount capable Silencers. Gemtech Quick Mounts also make for Excellent Recoil Reducing Flash Hiders when UnSupressed.


Please Contact Us for all your Silencer and Class 3 Needs!!!