The Founders and Staff of Delta Level Defense™ have put their combined 100 plus years of Military Service and Firearm Experience together to manufacture the single most Accurate Battle Rifles EVER MADE! Utilizing input from Retired and Active Special Operations Members WE have Perfected the often imitated AR Rifle Platform.


Accuracy, Durability, Reliability, Modularity, Functionality, Weight, Overall Length and Caliber were the consistent major areas of concern brought to our attention. Thousands of Hours and Tens of Thousands of Rounds later we can confidentially say WE GUARANTEE SUB MOA ACCURACY from the Lightest, Shortest, and Most Modular AR Platform Rifles Ever Made. In Fact, WE GUARANTEE SUB ½ MOA ACCURACY from our SNIPER RIFLES Chambered in 7.62x51NATO, 6.5Creedmor and .260Remington.


Each member of Our Staff is a Master Gunsmith, Certified M110/M16/M4/AR15 Armorer, and Certified Cerakote Applicator. We have a complete Machine Shop where we can offer design prototype using the latest CAD/CAM software available to create solutions to any and all questions brought to our attention.




Ryan J. Gisolfi, President & Founder

Delta Level Defense™





  • President & Founder

  • U.S. DOD Contracted Agent - Active

  • Certified Personal Protection Specialist

  • Certified Executive Protection Specialist

  • Master Gunsmith

  • Hand to Hand Combat Expert

  • Tactical Weapons Expert




  • USMC Engineer - Retired

  • USMC Designated Marksman - Retired

  • Master Machinist

  • Master Gunsmith

  • High Powered Rifle National Champion

  • Law Enforcement / Narcotics / Specialized Swat Team Trainer - Active

  • Master Firearms Instructor / Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun

  • Long Range Rifle Instructor

  • Law Enforcement / Swat Sniper - Active




  • Armorer

  • Certified Cerakote Applicator

  • Customer Service & Law Enforcement Sales

  • Law Enforcement Officer - Active




  • USMC Force Recon - Active

  • USMC Scout Sniper - Active

  • USMC Counter Intel / Human Intel Specialist - Active

  • Law Enforcement Swat / Sniper - Active

  • Hand to Hand Combat Subject Matter Expert

  • Trainer & Consultant

  • Law Enforcement / Military sales at DLD




  • US Army Ranger - Retired

  • Law Enforcement / Swat, Scuba - Retired

  • North American Sales Manager for DLD




  • Director of Training at DLD

  • Law Enforcement Sargent / Narcotics, Swat, K9 - Retired

  • DHS Agent - Subject Matter Expert, Tactical Expert, K9 Training - Active